Hi, I need help.

Jun 20, 2018
Or over the age of oh i dunno, 40 (more like 50 though)
I am no time traveler, but let’s play this out logically.

You are a natural born citizen. You are of age. You’ve lived here at least 14 years (assuming these).
Volunteers / community service & involved in your community
Assuming overall leadership experience

No political experience
Not a household name (yet)
No military


Business experience - definitely not of Trump or Oprah status, however i have NO idea what your business status is.
Educational background
International experience & foreign affairs - unless you do ministry work?
Wealth - i assume you have the amount needed if your saying this all straight faced but do u realize just how costly politics are ?

I’m not saying you will not be president, but these would probably be good avenues to continue to work on. Without these your shot is fairly absolute.

Can i ask what your time travel experience is ? How do you know it was not MKultra/psy-ops that led you to this belief (the illusion and testing this out). You may think something is definite but it could be a mind control experiment and pure illusion. If you did travel to the future as I’m unsure - what did you see ? What predictions came true and which failed? How do you know this isn’t an alternate timeline change based on XYZ? What if the prediction is for Mike Pence ? On most listicles stating whose he next president i personally have not seen anyone named Mike (although i take this with grain of salt)
Would love to hear more about your experience and see if we can help you out further even if we haven’t traveled.

The last thing i want to mention is if you have a digital ring saying you’re going to be the next president / anything unpolished, why would the powers to be ever let you actually succeed with running (it’d be a witch hunt and probably wouldn’t happen).

Regardless I’d love to hear who told you you’d be prez and anything you think you saw that didn’t or didn’t come one true :)
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