How Can I Strengthen My Mind Abilities? (kinesis)


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I have been practicing Telekinesis/Psychokinesis for 2 days now.

So far, I've only been able to move plastic ballpen caps and nothing else.

So far, my best is at 3-5 millimeters. I was wondering on how I will be able to strengthen my mental abilities. Should I start eating rat's brains? Kidneys? or should I start carrying around crystals too?

Please, please, please help me! I'm still a beginner and I'd really appreciate your suggestions!

Thanks a bunch! :)
It's interesting that you ask this question, because I was debating the other day whether one can learn this stuff or if it was only innate.

Personally, I believe it's maybe learn-able, but the people who became good at it don't understand how they became good at it, so they don't know how to teach it...

I personnaly think it's amazing that you managed to move a cap.
How did you started? How did you get the idea to start?
How do you do it?

I think you could continue with with the ballpen cap until you can easily move it for something like 10cm or something.
Then maybe try some vertical moves?
As I said, i never even tried. I'm just suggesting.

I do believe it's innate to each of us. Some are better at mastering and experiencing those things than others. I gotta say though, I have no idea where to begin in order to develop kinesis.

I guess the first part is to believe. Then it all starts from there after a little while. If you're unsure it'll happen, then it won't. Everything starts with a thought.

well I don't know that everyone has the power or even believes it is poss. to do at all. however I do know that people believe what they hear themselves say about a thousand times more than they will believe what someone else says, weather it is true or not. also CHRIST told us that what ever we say without any doubt at all we will have/get/do.... ( MARK .chapt.11 vers.23 I say to you who ever says to this mountain be plucked up and cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says..) so I would have to agree with 7 here believe what you say and it will be as you say it is..... good luck and keep us posted on your progress:)
If you believe in it completely, then you will have a much better chance. Likely you will need to study some, learn the feel for where you need to be mentally, spiritually to have experiences. Studies have shown that the beliefs of the people observing something effect the outcomes, so you will need to surround yourself with believers, or whatever you try will be much harder to make happen. I've even personally felt this and experienced this in my own life. Very strange, and doesn't make any rational sense, but how the universe works, isn't what we've been told.

Seems there are people who are more in tune with the telekenesis, the others are more in tune with telepathy and psychic abilities. It's funny, the more I speak with people, the more it shows those that are most skeptical, and non believers, are always the ones who haven't experienced anything of a paranormal sort. Keep an open mind, is probably the best advice I can give to anyone and look into the procedures to accomplish what it is you have interest in. As with anything, practicing and learning, getting the feel for things, will improve your chances.
A friend mine told me you need to have your sixth sense open in able to have psychic abilities. The scary thing is, it will be permanent. Once opened you'll be able to develope your telekinesis but you will also be able to see, feel and hear other things like ghosts more than people whoes sixth sense are not yet opened. What are you thinking or concentrating on to be able to achieve this seemingly impossible task? It has been 10 years since I last tried to move objects with my mind. Now that i read your post, it made me want to try again. Thanks, i know it is very difficult but i believe it will also be worth while. :-)
I'm not as familar with telekinesis. Likely many of these disciplines are similar in nature to access though. You need to learn to calm your mind, bring your brainwaves down to lower levels, likely in the theta range. Basically it is like a quick dive into theta, like a meditative state almost, but very conscious still. Then it will involve focusing your energy while breathing in rhythem, concentrating on your intention.

You will likely have to work on clearing out the mind chatter from your mind, as you delve into a meditative state. Try to think of nothing, except focusing your intention on what it is you desire to do. These things generally won't happen all of a sudden, it is a process. So be patient. But it can be developed, as with any talent or ability. Practice and belief is important in whatever we do, this is no different.
Here are a few techniques that my father taught me. Bear in mind that my father is a Buddhist and is into this stuff. First, i'd tell you to stop putting harmful things into your body such as smoking, processed foods, or anything artificial. These things disrupt your chakra or Ki or life energy or whatever ya want to call it. Second....meditation is the first real key to clearing your mind. Third is breathing. Some believe that you can even heal yourself with proper breathing. My father claims that if you employ all of what I listed, that you are on your way to not only a clearer mind and soul, but you can reach a higher level of consciousness. This in turn may allow you to tap into those hidden mental powers that you seek.
Man, it's like reach for your innerself first before reaching for other things with your mind. Clearing your mind of everything else is very difficult to do now a days. And with the technology now a days it is making us use our brain less and less. I believe people lang ago has more use of their brains and mental abilities than people today. Babies infact due to their innocence have more mental abilities than adults. They can see things and can communicate with thoughts and can influence us with us not knowing it.
I completely agree Zeo. All 3 of those things he listed are very key.

As for the mind clearing. I also had big time problems with clearing out the mind chatter, when I first started to try to meditate. Honestly, I couldn't meditate, and I pretty much laughed about it, and felt I had little to no chance to ever meditate. It was a serious battle for quite a while for me, to even attempt meditation, and then I could only last a few minutes. Where I was just a year ago, compared to where I am now, I'm like a different person, the contrast is so great, when it comes to the mind chatter when attempting meditation. Now, it is very simple for me to meditate.

So, what I'm saying, is that with all of the mind interference and chatter that I had going on, if I can make this much progress, then I believe that anyone can. It will take some effort, but nothing drastic. Once you get the feel for bringing your brainwaves down, it becomes second nature, and very easy. Energy, is a feel. Once you do something once, it is much easier the next time. You set up those neural pathways, and it becomes routine.

Don't give up, the mind is a very powerful thing. Most people give up, before they give something enough time for it to work for them. When you start experiencing things, it is well worth the time you put in. For instance, if you want to play basketball, you have to practice, you don't make the NBA, by never shooting a basketball. Or having the belief that you could never make the NBA, you have to dedicate yourself to mastering your game.