Witch Hunt

May 10, 2020


May 7, 2020
All I am going to say is that you, in fact, began all of the disrespect, sarcasm, and insults between us.
Your first impression ended up being disrespectful and insulting in the aftermath.
We're just returning the favor.
Also a righteousness snowflake is still a snowflake.

You can’t speak of hypocrisy on the matter, especially not while blatantly lying.
There is a suspicious lack of details and arbitrary assumptions. Thus, my point still stands.

As for hypocrisy, here is someone else calling you out on it instead of me:
So you are saying that the difference between what you and Trump did is the severity or impact of it, right?

When in actuality, you're saying,"Don't look at me, look at Trump! He's the bad guy! I didn't do anything!""
Here is something relevant to the thead :
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walt willis

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Apr 24, 2013
@Mayhem This treatment of people is what’s wrong with the world!
I'll share with you what I was told to keep a secret back when I was a young college student:
Our Dean entered our class one day and told me to report to his office immediately after class.
He asked me to be seated and said he was concerned for my well being as I received the record highest score on the judgement exam ever recorded and all but one other failed miserably.
He went on to warn me that friends, family, coworkers, and others would frustrate and aggravate me to extreme.
Around a week or two after that talk I got a letter from the FBI telling me to report to their office.
They tried to hire me as a special agent at the age of just 21 years old.
Now give this some thought: How many on this forum can make the same claim?
It has always been the ability to employ reason that separates us from to lower animals.
Now ask yourself if I give a rats ass as to how most others think?
I also scored in the top ten percent on the HS SAT exam nation wide.
When drafted into the Army I was offered a direct commission to Major without having to go to OCS.
I do not look down on others or think that I am a better human then others as some may believe.
I just speak my mind and allow others to voice theirs.
At this point I will depart this forum and block this group from my email listing.