Schematics Hyper-Dimensional Resonator


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Feb 8, 2015
Thanks Time Flipper. if you look at the sketch I attached that s exactly what I did. I was hoping to get a more accurate angle by finding original maker blueprint instead of measuring the angle from that low res pic.
Im not certain that you took the measurements all the way down to base of the coil, it seems that the measurements were taken down to the protruding parts of the 3 coils which appear not to be at the base, except for the protruding part that is at the base....but as usual i could be wrong :unsure: :D


Jul 7, 2016
It the same, in trigono, there are many ways to measure an angle, I chose the easier not the basic way.


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Apr 27, 2005
This thread is going to be our reference discussion for collecting information about the HDR in general, its schematics and how to build it.

What's the HDR and what does it do?
While working on his farm in Nebraska. Steven Gibbs says that he was approached by two aliens that gave him the secret to time travel. He built his first time machine the Sonic Resonator, and later improved on it to create the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

The HDR is a radionics machine that is meant to be used for astral time travel and astral projection. It's allegedly possible to use it for physical time travel when activated over a vortex, but that's subject to debates.

The HDR unit, as shown in some of the pictures below, is made of 3 different components. The HDR device, the electromagnet, and the headband. The headband goes on your head, while the electromagnet goes on your solar plexus. You have to put a crystal or specific object related to the time and place you're attempting to project to in the witness well.

In short, the HDR will take the frequency of the place and time you're concentrating and asking for, and will amplify and induce it back into your body (it will tune your frequency to that of the desired time/place) via the electromagnet's magnetic field.

When using the HDR, we're talking about alternate timelines and alternative futures/pasts/presents about 99% of the time. It is possible to experience the actual past/future, but it's apparently much harder to do so because their frequencies are very similar to our own present's frequency, which makes them hard to tune to.

Can you change the past with the HDR? Hard to tell. Some say it's possible, others don't believe it because of the timelines thing mentioned previously.

How to build the HDR

@Einstein's schematics
View attachment 6041

@Yoshian1Z's schematics

View attachment 6042

Inside the HDR
View attachment 6043

How to use the HDR for astral time travel
The HDR's main purpose is to be used as a device to enhance your astral projection and OOBE abilities. Someone who's already able to go astral on his/her own will be more likely to get positive results with the HDR.

Num7's step by step guide:
Step-by-step guide to use the HDR

Feel free to submit your own step by step guides.

How to use the HDR for physical time travel
Physical time travel with the HDR is mostly in theory, as we have a hard time finding reliable accounts of it. Basically, you'd have to use your HDR just like you would for astral time travel. Only, you'd either activate the HDR while standing over a grid point or use the HDR as usual, then once you're done, walk over a grid point. That would activate the grid point and move you through time to the time period you asked.

It would seem that after you spent some time (a few hours) in this other time period, you'd gradually move back to your present time. Some agree that you get back when you fall asleep, others say it will happen gradually while you're awake. The reason that explains the return mechanics is that your body, being temporarily tuned to this time and place's frequency by the HDR, will gradually lose that frequency in favor of your original 'present' frequency.

A grid point or vortex is a place of great magnetic energy. Such places are often associated with weird events such as ghosts, or some other paranormal occurrence. TO BE COMPLETED

Physical time travel, if doable, would possibly be dangerous for numerous reasons.

Contacts and people of interest
@HDRKID's websites:
HDRKID - Time Travel Forum
HDR Users & Steven Gibbs Fans News - events caused by Flux Cap & HDR

Steven Gibbs' phone number: 785-219-2110
Steven Gibbs' email address:

Other sources of information
Steven Gibbs -- Hyper Dimensional Resonator -- astral time travel
Schematics - Yoshian1Z's Hyper Dimensional Resonator

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Dec 15, 2005
Updated Steven Gibbs' phone number in the main post.

Here it is, in case someone needs to give him a call:


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Oct 29, 2018
This product can't get into China because the Chinese think they are smart but they are actually sending spies to steal information from other countries.


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Oct 29, 2018
Like the scout moon thing. China has sent a lot of spies to steal other countries' information. I suggest to block China technically.


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Oct 29, 2018
China is actually a very conservative country. It is against the law to travel through time and be put in prison.