I Am An Expert On John Titor. Feel Free To Engage Me In Conversation


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Sep 27, 2020
My knowledge of Titor is pretty darn good. My experience with it is comprehensive. If your one of the 4 individuals that attended the JI meet ups then you know what I look like.... I discovered the JT writings around 2003. I watched as certain things he spoke on unfolded. And I watched as something he spoke on did not unfold. He was never a knower of all things. He was just a dude that recounted his past. Not a predictor nor prophet although by reading about his words of his futures past we can get a general idea of how this world is going and maybe use his own personal life experiences to better our own little earth.

So if you have any question about John Titor at all feel free to join the discussion.
My thinking is that may be he was from another worldly line ,the future he told may be of his world and he just jumped to a another parallel world (steins gate reference.)


Nov 29, 2004
I don't know you. I don't plan to insult you for having an opinion.

Re-read my post. I mentioned the possibility of the posts being a message to someone. I am only speculating and giving many different scenarios. One scenario is that none of it is real. There are an endless amount of scenarios someone can come up with for conversation.
Let's think of one: Maybe Habers were held at gun point by an alien who demanded that they make the posts so that their leader in the future can get valuable information. I don't know. There really is nothing to be offended about. We are all speculating and taking in evidence.
On the first one, kidding around. There no such thing as dance insults. Like that's in the movies. A joke?

On the second one, just like the Billy Meier landings. I have suffered from these two. They came out and said, { A combination of creative writing, some slight of hand and the Army was sanctioned to do this, I guess with real time travel help" This is why when I met the real Titor online when he was asking for a burnt out e-board replacement, that we jived together in me helping him.

He was in Florida at the time and this was recorded on Art Bell's BBS. There was stuff passed in that conversation that only a real time traveler could have known. I'm affiliated to past off world royalty for real. That's a major connection, so I guess that they wanted to let me know.

The weird thing about it all, is that it's housed under entertainment, so anyone's interpretation of anything is only a point of view. But if you want it from the horse's mouth, a combination of the three just like I said.

What I'm thinking is they used a unit like Andrew Basagio was said to have gotten hold of and engineered it that way. Really don't care, everyone's entitled to their opinions.

It is bad about the Pleiadean Sem-ya-zee dying from being at Billy Meier's house, hitting her head like she did. Only now they're saying that she was from a major upper tier house in her sitting with the Pleiadeans. I guess that's why they let me know. Among the Pleiadeans, her death is being treated like a murder. There's groups of Pleiadeans that are really pissed at other groups.
The landing at the Meier farmstead was supposed to be a quick in and out operation and turned into a royal mess.

The Meier affair and Titor in a way are related. But what they're trying to do is to cover things up by sh*t that swims to the surface.

Andrew Basagio described the unit he time traveled in. So I wouldn't put it past the creators of this story using real time travel equipment. Past Pamela Moore had said that something about the entire affair seemed supernatural and odd at times.