Debate I'd like to promove a dabate to seek opinions of "self replacing" time travel,basically taking your memories to yourself in the past.


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Oct 1, 2017
Yes I do, because imagine the potential you have here, you could take all your knowledge from now, and take it to your self in past, like this you can have as many knowledge you want, even though, correct some mistakes, for me physically and "mind" time travel are the best combo, if want to become an observer .
Ok. Here's a question? Can it be done with frequencies subliminals like this video?


Dec 5, 2017
You can't transfer knowledge to yourself from the past, it's a paradox. If you believe in infinite timelines then you'd know you are not imparting wisdom to yourself, but rather a quantum copy of yourself - therefore you are not going to affect your own future or past in any way - you'd be affecting a copy of yourself in some other dimension.

Lastly, you are not so much talking about imparting knowledge as you are talking about transplanting an entire brain or rewiring an entire brain to the point the original person is gone and all that's left is some other person with different thoughts and memories. Despite you being identical through DNA, the brain of your young self is much less developed and doesn't exhibit the same neurological pathways as your adult brain. In fact, your brain doesn't stop growing until about mid 20's - that's when your brain has fully developed and matured.

Time travel to meet your past self is one feat, but to brain transplant or impart an entire lifetime worth of memories and thoughts onto another being is something completely different. Although, in that movie Paul (2011) he was able to transfer all knowledge of the universe to humans just by touching them. After Clyde got a dose of reality, he laughed, farted, and passed out. Awesome.