I'm walking with ghosts


Fifth dimension of detection:

Number 1 = birth of the being
Number 2 = life of the being
Number 3 = The last days of life - age
Number 4 = the time layer of the soul
Number 5 = time to prepare the reincarnation

preteklost - past
sedanjost -present
prihodnost - future

The 1-2-3- circle is the third-dimensional time layer.

4-5- niche is the time niche of the fifth dimension.

All other dimensions are the result of philosophy without boundaries.

Two soul energies:

My physical body is human.
My other form is antimatter. I am using this phenomenon to move in this physical and paranormal dimension.

People think that some other form of life is connected with supernatural intelligence of great proportions; but that's not the case.

The antimatter form only covers the collective, for example, the shadow
which is created on the basis of matter and this shadow works in harmony with its private conscience.

In this form, in the first place is the "contact" with which you are upgrading your existence;

You do not need some computer technology here;
Here you only need to always make the first contact with other energy, process it or spill it or get rid of it.

But you have the advantage, of course, if you have your living, physical body within reach.
Everything is simple, just like everything that surrounds us.

A brake that makes people not discover this phenomenon is religion or belief and false physics.

Travel options with an archive niche in the future:

1. Human life takes place in the past.

2. Immediately after birth, a person begins to die with the process of growth, age and end with the death of the physical body.

3. Years of dying must also be added in years that run parallel and go into the future.

4. Example:
85 years of life or dying + 85 years of the future = total 170 years.

5. While sleeping, you can travel 170 years to the future with the help of a fourth time stratum.

6. If you are a selector or reincarnator, multiply this time by
the number of physical bodies that you have survived and add years to the future.
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My trip to the future : 1

I recently traveled to the same place where I live only that it was the 25th century.
I came through the fourth dimensional time layer. The visit lasted a minute or two.
In my vicinity, I asked a woman what year she is now, she told me the 25th century.
I looked into the sky, there was no sun, because it was cloudy.
I saw that the sky was yellow. The clouds were smaller and vortex or round.
I asked what kind of money she was using, she told me yellow, and the next words I missed because I returned to the body.

In the meantime, her son photographed me, without any preparation, such as a camera, with four fingers , formed a rectangular frame and photographed, I saw only the flash.
There were no smaller houses, I saw larger buildings in the form of a cathedral, but without windows.

So, with a glimpse into the sky, which is a yellow question is only the sun's distance from the Earth.


Just want every else to know this is in slovenian, you can translate it now.

Pictured is a person who moved into my body at the age of ten.
I can confirm that.
Who is what works in me, why exactly; I can answer these questions in part, but I have not yet discovered some details that have been missing.
What a creature is - a remnant of early civilizations
What is a creature - UFO
What is a being - who lives forever and has given me the opportunity to learn the path of reincarnation of the human soul and to tell it.
This entity has taken over the running of my body, so as a child it has no special impact.
My congenital soul, which I received at birth, was screwed up and remained at the level of a 10-year-old baby, which I perceived as the pattern went off while sleeping from the body.
These departures from the body while sleeping in the body have become more and more frequent lately, throughout my life, except that I did not give them any special meaning, I thought of them as strange dreams.
The relationship between subject and body remains as a whole.
I now realize this pattern when I walk with spirits through energy, I am aware of everything; during this time, the body, as in paralysis, cannot move, only the eyes, vision and mind of the child's work, which gave me the opportunity to see myself jump into the body; I shake him to wake up; sometimes I drag my foot.
It all happens in a split second, which is enough for me to draw in the last minute what I am when I walk between ghosts.


Intelligent beings somewhere in the universe are just an illusion, such beings do not exist.

There is only intelligence similar to ours.

They operate on computer technology just like we do.
However, computer technology also has its limitations, because without self-awareness, it is only a guided technology that only stores data.

Fifth-dimensional intelligence exists across the universe, including on our planet; but this intelligence is unique and does not use computer technology because it operates in the fourth-dimensional time layer.

Its shape adapts to a system that works on every single planet where evolutionary development is of any degree.


Disclosure: 1

I am the spirit of a once dead physical body. In 1964, I reincarnated into the physical body of an eight-year-old child.

I took over the running of this young body. The owner, or child, of this physical body, with his innate soul, sits in the back in the back seat and has completely left the guidance of the body to me who is now writing this message to you.

This baby's brain has evolved over the years, because I need a developed brain for my function so that I can conquer the goal of walking with ghosts and then returning to any physical body.

I walk with the souls of the dead wherever they are and discover the secrets of the afterlife.


Yes, everything alive has its own unique frequency.
But, there is a difference between physical and paranormal frequency.
It all depends on the current existence and perception of the surroundings where the creature is located.
The physical body works with its senses so that it can plan ahead and can make certain moves.
The paranormal shape, however, can only receive and operate at its frequency in whatever is currently crossing its path or in close proximity.

Personally, I work with both frequencies by defining my forward moves when I am in my physical body.

Disclosure: 2

It follows that after 30 years of back pain, I have 100% recovered.
I healed my physical body with the help of my paranormal entity.
The pain disappeared as if it had never been.

A stopped soul baby sitting in the back seat of our body is very happy


Higher dimensions:

The dimension where the physical being perceives its existence originates from a rather unknown higher fifth dimension.
The fifth dimension creates the conditions for this dimension of ours.
Through the fifth dimension, planets were created and consequently life forms.
All this is regulated by the fourth dimensional layer.

There are basically two dimensions, which are divided into positive and negative perception. The time dimension is only a neutral intermediate dimension that affects each one individually.

Human philosophy divides dimensions into several stages, but this is not true.
These degrees are just nuances of these two dimensions through evolutionary superstructure.

Past time, present time, and future time; of which we only sense the past tense; present time and future time do not exist for us and we do not perceive it.

Every second of life goes back to the past, not the future.
The present and the future are reserved for the fifth dimension.

The past is on the left side of the timeline, and on the right side of that timeline is the future.
The present itself is located in the temporal layer and extends to the left and to the right as the epicenter of these two dimensions.


Past - Present - Future: 1

Human life always unfolds into the past, though it consciously thinks it unfolds into the future.
The physical body has its present only at the moment when it is born and moves from this stage to the third dimension of perception. The temporal layer of the present is disconnected and disappears already in the body of the uterus.

The present is located in the temporal layer of the fourth dimension of perception.

The time zone of the present always travels towards the future during this time when you begin to live a physical life, your first mark of your first present has already moved to the future.

For the physical body, the present and the future do not exist.

Dream: 2

When a person sleeps, his physical body ages and goes in the past.
Due to deep sleep and different sleep patterns, the brain can synchronize with the fifth dimension of perception.

This synchronization occurs between the third and fifth dimensions of perception without any conscious action, and our consciousness can register them.

The dreams that one dreams of are fragments of awareness towards the past or the future, which are present in the fourth-dimensional time zone.
These snippets are snapshots of events that happened in their moment of present.

Because of the human mind and original fear, human consciousness quickly awakens from dreams.

Fourth dimension timezone:
The fourth dimension operates in a circular motion, parallel to the third dimension of perception, but always in the opposite direction. It works like
the present without restriction which is reserved to be activated.

In this dimension, "archival niches" of enriched soul energies are present.