Into the past


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I'm with TimeFlipper on this one. No one that could time travel would want to take along someone who is prone to fuck-up so they could "fix" their past. By the way, if you knew how time travel worked, you'd know that you'd only potentially be fixing things for yourself, but you wouldn't be altering reality. Only someone who knows how time travel works and could make it work themselves, are likely to be responsible enough to use it or at least know of all or some of the dangers of which I'm sure there are no shortage of.
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yeah the process to learn time travel is in reality a spiritual and scientific one.
Nobody learns the secret unless they promise not to tell everyone or abuse it.


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Science and Spirituality has never mixed together, but i cross my heart and hope to die i will keep it secret :unsure: :D


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You cannot undo it, if it wasn't undone when it happened. Sadly that's the reality of it. If it had been undone, you'd still have to realize even though it didn't happen. Madness abounds when having the ability and then not having the willingness to accept loss or sorrow.

Be humble you have the lesson learned, it has made you more you than you presently were willing to accept.


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I can easily keep that promise!! :censored:
So Time Travellers help a girl out! :D

I do get how serious TT would be. Sometimes I feel like it may be "simpler" to achieve then we think, in the aspect of on a spiritual level, but I also think wouldn't tons of people TT'd then? I wish it could be like BTTF and I hop in my Deloren and off to the time I'd like to go to. Although I'd choose a different car myself.

Didn't Malaki and a friend TT by astral and change things? I read one thread but he makes it sound like he physically TT'd by intense meditation and his friend TT'd by astral.
I have only gotten half out of my body and was scared right back in. Crazy expierence. Second time I only got to the vibrational stage.