March 2011 Updates

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Dear members of Paranormalis,

This is a monthly update of what's been going on Paranormalis for the last few weeks. The site's activity and traffic still increased of about 30% over the last month and will hopefully continue in the next months.

Visit Paranormalis and make sure you don't miss anything:
  • Chat Events. We're going to host chat events about different topics every now and then.
  • Browse Paranormalis using Forum Runner, a native application installed on your mobile phone. (More)
  • Follow us on Twitter! (
  • New site theme! (More)
Take a look at the most popular threads:

Paranormalis is slowly coming back to life and we appreciate every single contribution to the forum. Be sure to be part of of our community and leave your mark, because now is the time. Let's continue the good work and make Paranormalis active! :)

See you on the boards!

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