Paranormal Sheet Metal

Nice! I wonder if such a piece for metal from space would survive its entry in Earth atmosphere or if it would disintegrate.

I'm surprised it didn't create a hole in her roof and get inside her house instead of bouncing off. I assure it was moving pretty fast if she heard it coming.

Ok, I work in the appliance business, repairing, installing, and sales of appliances.
I can almost guarantee that is the front panel to a dishwasher. A lot of dishwasher models have
interchangeable front panels. Some have 2 panels that you can slide in and out to change the
front panel color to match your other kitchen appliances. I have a GE Potscrubber Dishwasher
in my shop now, that has 2 panels roughly 2ft wide, and about 26" tall. One is white on one side,
black on the other, and also has an almond panel aswell.

That's exactly what that looks like. Now, where it came from, is beyond me. I am almost certain that
the metal piece belongs to a dishwasher.

Such a metal piece would require insane winds to get moved around... and we're not even talking about flying in the air yet. I guess it was attached to something flying over this lady's house. I can't imagine any other scenario.

They don't say anything about weather in the article so I assume it was a pretty ordinary day.
could have been grabbed by a f 5 tornado and flung into the 10,000 ft up range. I don't know could have been thrown out of a plane by some dummy to see if it would fly like a frizbee.