Part #14 mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for Feb. 22, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor


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These values are astronomical. They are very similar to calculating the velocity and orbit of a satellite around the earth.
In Geometry, when you see ^3 (to the third power), this refers to a 3 dimensional sphere.
When you see ^2(to the second power), this refers to a 2 dimensional circle or the circumference.
2 TT(pie=two standard circumference of a circle measurements 2x3.14) divided by the radius/
Since G gravity/time is found where the radius should be. G must be the distance from the singularity to the time machine singularity residing in the Ergo-Sphere.
Co=Circumference of the orbit
Po=Period of the orbit
G=Gravitational constant
The mass of a singularity is Mh = Co^3 / 2 TT G Po^2
Anyone care to take a crack at this formula? Tell us what you think it means.

Kerr Black Hole=Roy Kerr (1960) said when a rotating star collapses it could create a black mass with a rotating ring of neutrons.

Kerr-Newman Black Hole=There is something called an Ergo-Sphere which surrounds this Black Hole. That Ergo-Sphere is a Gravity/Time Pulse like an ocean wave. Time outside of the sphere is normal. Once you enter the sphere, you are cloned. Part of you remains in normal time and part of you exits to either enter a future time or a past time because Gravity/Time has been warped. This warping creates two universes, yours and the universe you chose to visit.

The Variable Gravity Lock System keeps you racing around the Ergo-Sphere. It keeps you from exiting out of the sphere at the wrong time and it keeps you from being crushed by the singularity in the center of the race track.

Any alternate theories?
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