Part #20 mIRC; Alexanders chat logs for March 05, 2004: Alexander was a friend of John Titor

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Thank you Professor, I read every log. I can't help but think this is your website/page/monument to him which he hoped to have.

Who do you think are the people trying to stop the Joint Effort Campaign? Has any TT come after him and tell the story of what happened to Alexander like he said what happened to Titor?

Who believes in St Germain and how come?

Earlier, Alexander was concerned about an event that did not happen at the Super Bowl. He was afraid he may be too far from his original time line. Does anyone have any idea what that event was supposed to be?

Thank you in advance to anyone who comments.

I thought it was interesting when he said there was a time travel facility in almost every U.S. state and perhaps many places in the world? He said the place where the time jump was made was important. A natural time portal?

I don't know about that Super Bowl comment. A troll on Reddit pretending to be John Titor talked about a blackout at the Superbowl. The one the Baltimore Ravens won. It was in 2012 and people were joking that there was something wrong with the game clock when the lights went out.

I don't know what to think about Saint Germaine. I know a lot about the guy from my pagan metaphysical studies. I just thought it was interesting that AlexanderTT was looking for an immortal but then later said he doesn't really believe in immortals. That is double speak.

All I can think of when I see Joint matched with Military is the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Operations Commandos.


Time Travel Professor

Alexander TT started posting in the chat room in 2004.

Their are 20 sections ( 00 to 20 ) over many weeks of chatting
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