Steven Gibbs: 1997 Time Travel Catalog

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Barry Doherty

New Member
that scientist sent me a cartoon and there russian they made fun of me because i tried to shut them down. they wouldnt stop emailing me i have plenty of evidence that follows up on that. dr z is a good friend of mine and he is also very interesting to me as well. hdrkid have steven gibbs answer a call that has the last four digits as 0567 and 8067 home and cell phone please tell him i want to buy one a hdr thast is i have been waiting for him to call back. i need to go back to 2003 for a few minutes or re live something. it was an event that changed my life. if someone can help me with that that would be great. someone will answer my prayers of hope!!!


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that time machine dr z made was my design and strictly my design I invented that six dial hdr he made it for me he shouldn't take other people's plans and put it as his own that's some sort of illegal jail time there if I don't get it back.


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Here is another document professor Opmmur was kind enough to send me, so that I can share it with you guys. :)

It's a 3.6 Mb PDF file.
Click here to view the 1997 Time Travel Catalog file.

It contains a few pages of info about the HDR.

I still have other documents to post as planned. I was on vacation for the last 2 weeks and I somehow forgot to post more of them.
Hello, I'm not able to open this link... Would the friend send this file to my email?


Works for me. How are you guys opening it? Only 4 pages anyway.
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steven chiverton

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i tried opening it in a new tab and window and get the same error message the link is very week unreliable and faulty