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How long does it take you to Still the mind from any thoughts?

  • 1-2 mins or less

    Votes: 24 41.4%
  • 5-10mins

    Votes: 12 20.7%
  • 10-15mins

    Votes: 3 5.2%
  • 15+

    Votes: 6 10.3%
  • Other (please state in a repy)

    Votes: 11 19.0%
  • Not interested in doing this

    Votes: 2 3.4%

  • Total voters
@Mayhem I been doing a solid research on this topic and I’ve found two interesting practices for anyone attempting to Improve in this area. I’ll share them now.

the first is a technique where you focus on the sensation of your tongue. Really feel the sensation of your tongue touching the back of your teeth. Every groove every edge. Every sensation. The tongue has a massive amount of nerve endings compared to most of the body. This sensation is a great way to practice clearing the mind. Sounds simple huh. But how long can you really do it for? This is a great method to stay focused and clear minded. Very difficult for us humans to do for a long while with how short our attentions span is.

the second method involves attempting to clear the mind and when you’re relaxing trying to do such. Naturally we have thoughts that pop up in our head. Don’t reject it just let it finish then refocus and count the number of words that popped up in your thoughts and try to obtain that number of words you thought. You can write it down or not it is up to you. Some people are really into numbers. But then refocus back into calming the mind and relaxing. Rinse and repeat. Again very difficult to do but against amazing way to practice that focus of attention into the now and clear your mind.

i did not originate these two methods and I found them directly from a guy who was in a trance state channeling a higher dimensional entity than what’s here on earth who was talking through this guy in a channeled state.

take it for what you want but after I seen that guy do that and tried these two methods. I’m now a believer of a lot more than what I used to. Higher frequency beings are real. I know it.

i hope these two methods help someone out there clear their mind or whatever they get out of it. They work incredibly well.


The breathing technique works. I've watched my heart rate on my Apple Watch and it lowers your heart rate.

4 - 7 - 8

It will make you fall asleep, too. I do it twice and then it's all I remember.

Take a deep breath for 4 seconds through your nose. Hold it for 7 seconds. Exhale by blowing for 8 seconds.

Tested and works!


New Member
When it comes to how long can I maintain a still mind...

I find it to be dependant on the state of my mind itself (and the surrounding environment) at any given time. But to answer your question; for me personally, it'd normally vary from 5 to 20 minutes; more than that would usually mean struggle as the distractions heighten (one of them being the appearance of the swirling purple or grey color I've mentioned on my other post) and the sleepiness comes.

Only on very few occassions, I think I've managed to keep the stillness up to 30 minutes.

As to how fast I can still my mind; I think I can always do that almost instantly-even now when I'm writing this. I just need to close my eyes and every image in my mind would just disappear into an empty blackness that I'd always take as 'void' and thinking nothing further of it.

I'd still be able to hear sounds or noises from the surrounding environment, but for as long as they're 'normal' sounds to me, they'd not get me easily distracted.

For the note, I've been practicing this eversince I met my master in 2007 (on and off, since I'm afraid I'm not the most diligent pupil he has 😁).

But focusing only to the 'blackness' is not the only thing I'd be required to do in this matter, as my master taught me to also recite certain prayers for at least 1 hour (up to 2 or 3 hours-everyday, and even more hours, when situation demands it) while I'm trying not to get myself distracted. That's my master's main method of practicing and teaching spirituality, so to say.

To give you perspective; have you ever seen Buddhist monks, sitting with concentration and reciting prayers with their big praying beads all, day long? That pretty much describes what I have to do in this matter.



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I can still it pretty quickly how long i can keep it quiet is another issue on its own. That is typically the only way i can sleep is i have learned to quiet my mind for long enough to fall asleep, sometimes it works other times it doesn't.

Sadly i have tinnitus so even if i do silence my thoughts typically i hear the ringing significantly louder.