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The only time I would even consider it would be if some pain of a sickness would become unbearable and it would be only a few hours to kick the bucket anyway. I could not imagine any other situation. As long as there is life there is hope.

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I'd have to agree with Jurgen. I've think life is to interesting to just throw it all away. THeres also this is the only chance we have and there isnt anything at all after this, its possible there isnt any afterlife. Might as well use the one ticket we were given.

As far as considering it if you were in agonizing pain thing, I can relate. I recently passed a kidney stone and it was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. THe most intense pain only lasted about 7 hours, but still... THe only good thing during all of it was knowing it was going to be over eventually, but I wouldnt be able to live my life in that kind of pain.

Oh, If I had to do it it would probably be with sleeping pills.

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I don't think suicide is an option. Except if you have no other choices, or no better choices.
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ok sorry I didn't mean to shoot the monkey. this would be about as close as I get
I will holdem off here. you take the kids and run that way go find the others. I'll keep them bissy for a while now git goin
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I was suicidal when I was younger, and the feeling of not wanting to live was so strong.

Now I'm with a wonderful man, and we're moving in together and possibly getting engaged next year. I've stopped abusing drugs and alcohol. Now I can't wait to see what life brings. After seeing how good it can be, I wanna see/do the rest. Getting married and being pregnant are the things that excite me right now :)

But if I were to off myself... maybe I'd do it by taking all my bipolar medication. I don't know if it'd work though. One pill levels me out and dopes me up, its 25 mg, severe bipolars take up to 800 mg. That's 32 pills... It'd probably put me to sleep and be nice and easy.