The John Titor Mystery is Solved


You.. wat... your not gonna tell qanon anything thats not a singular entity . Might as well shout at the wind.

Aye but you've never been one to listen to others.

Rife machines work. Legit ones. But then again so does diet and lifestyle changes.
The more you seek the more you learn but once you decided that you already have all the answers you can't learn anymore.

But what do i know.... project mercury, the Chinese, ... yeah what do i know. Im sure youre already prepping your buttons and retorts... America is still standing.

Aigh. It just aint worth it ro be bullheaded into blindness.

Open minded learning is best.

I am not going to respond to personal attacks anymore. Not worth my energy fighting.

But, I was not referring to Q or Qanon.

P.S. I AM CURED. By modern medicine.
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How about people debate with facts instead of insults.

If someone believes we are wrong, simply reply with your own research. It is an adult way to have a conversation. When you get angry and start insulting us because you disagree, it does absolutely nothing for your side of the argument.

If you have something against me personally, PM me. I am sorry that my CURED illness offends you, but you don’t have evidence that I didn’t change my lifestyle. But again, this isn’t about ME.

Another issue I see is that when people don’t want to provide facts or have no facts, they will twist the topic to be about the person posting, not about the actual topic.

The current topic is: The John Titor Mystery is solved

NOT “Paula should have used a rife machine”

If you do not feel Titor is solved, reply with facts, not insults and feelings.

Thank you.
Thank you kindly Titorite. You're support is greatly appreciated. And, your understanding. More than anything, it means a lot to me.

I've worked really hard to limit the negativity of others in my life. And, this place (like much of the world these days) is just not a good, loving place.

Would rather focus on Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus... At this point.

Hugs to you. Be safe out there. And, take very good care of you...


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Another regional eye opening moment: last night on Rachel Maddow's show. She started talking about how the governors are forming regional areas to deal with this coronavirus. I will post as soon as it is up on the MSNBC website. But God, people. I think it's time we stopped fighting amongst ourselves and open our eyes. something is truly ... Well, back to the Georgia Guidestones conspiracy theory.

You couldn't give all the facts because you don't know them. Hardly any of them.

At least Sam understands.

To answer your question classical ~ not yet. Keep pushing with your viper ways... Maybe (ask yourself if it is my wish, if so, because of all of you).

But, your John wouldn't know that... Now, would he, Classical. He is a fake trying to manipulate others. Yes. He should be sued. At least banned, for spreading lies, rumors and creating hardship for others.

I know what is in my future. You John? You can't recite the words by heart can you... I can. Got the dates too. You don't.

My goodness you're lucky I'm strong...

Divine intervention is gorgeous.

A better use of your time? Is actually caring for other people. Instead of trying to tear them down.

Especially right now. Don't you think? I do!

Unfortunately for you, you can't dive into my real records. No really. You can't. And, that's hilarious. On so many levels...

I know who I am and what I was promised. You?

And, fortunately for me... I have faith.

Not your strongest trait... Mostly, your strongest trait is bullying. Not something I will ever endure without a word spoken of truth. My full truth? You'll never get it... You don't deserve it.

Your choice. Keep on keeping on being ugly in heart. All on you...

Mine IS better than that.
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Hey John ~ I learned a littl' saying from the Habers themselves.

"You want to start a fire? I'll bring the kindling".


You can thank them. Literally.

I am one of the kindest people on earth you will ever meet in person. Unless ~ one thing ~ you're all about yourself and care nothing more. Especially for me. Then? It's truly... Really... Completely your loss. Literally.

And, I have no reason to apologize for such.

If you're all about you? You have nothing to do with me. And, especially those I protect and love.

All on you... Your choices have their own consequences.

So sorry you met a woman with some self worth. No, really. I'm not sorry actually.
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