The Mandela Effect

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Our place in the Milky Way

Today, this is what kids learn at school:
(reference - only the 1st minute and 15 seconds)

… and this is what they used to learn a few years ago (me included):
(if one can not trust Carl Sagan, then whom else to trust ?!?!)


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I think there's a certain level of reality where the Mandela Effect is real, but it's very complicated.
Most of it can be explained. Movies often have deleted scenes, or remade scenes causing people to remember stuff
that isn't currently there. People report that people died when they didn't due to fake news (I remember John Cleese died according to several major websites including the Drudge Report) and it was false he was still alive etc.

But----having said this-----

Peoples beliefes on some levels impact their lives extremely strongly even if they are false.
On a certain level this makes all beliefs real due to the "real" impact they have on people.

I can remember several things that supposedly didn't exist can't name them off the bat but they're
there in the back of my mind. I think it has more to do with parallel universes and realities
than time travel, as well as our perceptions conflicting with each other and creating
reality explosions. Just ask multiple people (they've done experiments on this)
you just ask multiple people to judge the appearance of someone walking into
the room and everyone will describe the person differently.