Titor Assumptions


III oculis videt
Sep 12, 2017
Was there any sort of posting by the JT fellow about Arapnet, in its infancy?

Alexis Everson

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Aug 14, 2018
Allegedly a private investigator was hired by an Italian TV company, and he concluded that "John Rick" and his computer knowledge, was actually John Titor...He concluded that JT`s name was first brought up in 1998 where he was predicting the chaos that the "Y2K " bug would cause in the new Millennia, which proved to be completely false..
Are you talking about the faxes sent to Art Bell (RIP)? I heard he died of a drug overdose in the phillipines, is that true?
I looked at the faxes somewhere and I could swear that the guy who sent them didn't sign the bottom, or at least, Art never SAID his name. Gosh, do you think he DIDN'T say his name but knew it?
Oh wait!!! What if a time traveler came back and MADE art overdose to kill him because art knew too much or that he was going to become a Hitler or something? Of course, we'd never know that Art was going to become a Hitler, but what if a time traveler did and he killed art???
Or maybe you were talking about something else. Not sure. :p