Ufo Convention?


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Have any of you ever been to the UFO Convention in Alamo, Nevada? I just found out about it yesterday, but unfortunately I will be out of town that weekend and can't go. I would totally go if I was around. Will I be missing much? it looks like some fairly well know speakers will be there. It looks like it has been going on annually for a few years.

I haven't been to the Alamo UFO Conference. However, I have been to numerous other UFO Conferences in the Midwest of the U.S. I recently attended a UFO Conference where Steven Jones was a speaker, who is also speaking at this Alamo Conference. In my own personal opinion, hearing his experiences and his presentation is very much worth it. He will become a fairly prominent speaker from here on out. He claims to have had 50 years now of contact. Including multiple abduction experiences. He has been returned outside of his home, with the doors deadbolted from the inside. Returned to places he's never been to. Very interesting experiences that he's had, and a great message as well.

Niara Isley, I've seen a few of her video interviews. She was a member of the military who apparently had her memories wiped from a time she was in the military working at Tonapah, an area where there have been multiple sightings. She claims to have been abducted from the MILAB programs (military abductions). She was also a victim of sexual abuse and rape claiming that members of the military were involved in this.

I'm not familar with the other 2 speakers. Sounds like a neat set up for a conference since it is near Area 51, so the ambience should be cool. It is a bit pricey though at $125, the conferences around the midwest are usually around $60 and have many more speakers. But likely you will get longer presentations from the speakers. Seems the Alamo Conference is a more personal environment though, where you can talk with the speakers more, and people can share stories and experiences more. You can talk with the speakers at any conference, but sometimes the time is limited if you want to hear all of the presentations.

Personally I've had an amazing time at all of the conferences that I've been to, so I highly recommend people to attend when given the chance, whether you are a firm believer, or you just want to hear and see what evidence is out there, skeptics and debunkers for sure should attend. Getting a personal feel for the speakers is a lot different than just watching videos, and listening to interviews. You get a lot more in depth stuff at the conferences, than you will find online, no doubt about that.

thanks for the info! I wish i could make it now! I drive through Alamo every-so-often for work and it is a nice rural community. I'll have to try and make some of the other conferences.


never been to one always thought them to be like a star trek convention so never paid much attention. ya know they show it on the tube and everyone is dressed up like halloween so thought it was not worth my time........... my bad:(but that will not happen again . thanks for the heads up;)
I've never been to a conference where anyone dressed up in costumes. Funny to think about though. Actually most of the people are very educated people that I've interacted with at these conferences. Most of the ones I've been to, the majority of the people are over the age of like 55 years old, and you will over hear a lot of them talking about their own sightings and experiences with craft and/or beings.

KC Wildman, there is a MUFON conference in August in Kansas City here is the link http://www.ufomidwest.com/Conference/conference.htm

The Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs is the best in the area, it is in early April every year. It's a pretty easy drive down to Eureka south on 71 Hwy. Lawrence, Kansas had a really good conference in late March this year as well. Not certain if the Lawrence UFO Conference will be an ongoing thing, but worth keeping an eye out for next year. The Ozark UFO Conference is an annual event and has been ongoing since 1988.
thats way cool dude we should make plans to go I would like to hear some first hand reports .ya know look the people in th eyes while they are tellin there story. I'm funny that way, it's next to impossable to look me in the eyes and lie. I always know when its bull being spread about.
kc wildman,

I hear you there brother. I have a great BS detector as well, face to face, somehow always did. I'm not sure why (well actually I know why..he.he). Definately in person, is a whole lot better experience and seeing and meeting these people in person adds serious credibility to this info.

I'm planning on going to the Midwest UFO Conference in KC in August for sure. It won't have the big name speakers like the 2 conferences I attended earlier this year, but I'm sure it will still be a good one, they always are.

Did you hear about the recent UFO flap around Independence and Lee's Summit area? I believe it was May 14th and 15th. Numerous sightings. Orange balls of light, coming in waves, and then sighting of a large craft as well.

A buddy of mine had a sighting between Orrick and Missouri City about a month ago. He said it was the strangest thing he'd ever seen. I need to chat with him about it again, to get more details. He said it was seriously fast moving, and moving very strangely through the sky, in a circular pattern of some sort, with very bright lights, no flashing lights at all, and no sound.
well mabe I won't go to the conf. I am curious but not 60 bucks worth of curious:(
no I had not heard of it but did read the news at the link sounds strange I can't think of any perpose for the orbs that were seen comin out of the ship and why so many over 125 in a couple hrs and what happened to them. I wonder if whiteman radar tracked them
you realy should talk to your buddy Orrick, mo city. now thats close to us. I have never seen anything in the sky I haven't been able to figure out. but I don't spend any time at all lookin either so it just means I wasn't looking when they showed up. thats my bad I realy should be more aware of the skys around me.
I don't watch the skies that much either. Thing is, if these things are generally silent, how many people would even be aware they were even there, if they don't happen to look up to the skies for some reason. I mean, unless the thing is large, and close by, you would never notice it, or easily pass it off as regular aircraft, if it is off in the distance.

I had never seen anything either until the night of January 23rd, 2008. I made my report to MUFON.com It can be found in their report archives. It was very bright, a large white glowing area on the front, a horizontal white glowing area in the middle, and a slightly smaller glowing white ball area on the back. When it came through the clouds, it lit up like crazy, very bright. It wasn't too high up from the ground, maybe 3 to 5 thousand feet, somewhere in there as a guess. I was probably within a mile, 2 at the most from the craft, and it made absolutely no sound whatsoever. That was the part that was so hard for your mind to fathom, how it was silent, when at that proximity, you would excpect aircraft to be so loud. I will never forget the experience.

A week or two later, we had an SR71 Blackbird fly over our house, it was seriously loud as it went by. This ufo that I saw, was many times faster than that Blackbird and completely silent. Being north of KC, we get jet flyovers coming into KCI all the time, over and over. This ufo was traveling many, many times faster than the jets, there is just no comparison. Even the comparison in speed to the Blackbird is comical. And the shape of the ufo, was nothing like anything I've ever seen or heard of. Some people in Washington state seemed to have seen the same object that I viewed that night.
my biggest prob. with the UFO thing is this
we aint smart enough to be of any value to a UFO and I can't see them even letting us see them
the whole lesser evolved being changed by it thing. ya know non interfear deal. but hey that may be just me cause a lot of people have been seeing something for a long time like thousands of years.