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HAHAHAHAHA Tesla shield lol never forget it man, it can save your life.
In fact, a tesla shield does anything you want it to do. Just imagine it, and it will do whatever you need.



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lol ha ha ha ha
stop your maken me cry
yeh I got one with my new ten speed, they called it a sports bottle. said I could even carry ice water in it too.
good camo. for it huh.:D
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Wow, that's how they make holy water then. With a tesla shield in a bottle !
Yeah, that's useful, we'll need to get some.

This little shield looks like a pendant. It must be pretty small.
Perhaps you can get a big on the size of a bottle lol

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Oh yeah, that's for sure.
I'll need to check what it's made of.
Does it really do something at all ? I'm not sure.
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Well, I looked to some sites, and they say it can contains something.
The Tesla Shield?
The Tesla Shield? emits a positive tachyon field with a radius of approximately 10 meters which is capable of penetrating any material substance or living organism.
Here's a serious (debunker) blog about it.
Depleted Cranium Blog Archive The Tesla Purple Energy Shield Looks Firmiliar…

They say it must come empty, you put what you want into it. Looks like this purple junks doesn't do anything at all. It's only a gay keychain lol

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Yeah, the first time I saw it, i thought it was a bottle. I looks like a bottle anyway.
Ok, let's make tesla bottles dude !

If it wasn't purple, it would make a not so bad keychain.
The red is cool, put I feel that it needs to be purple in order to work.
Looks like it's the original color !