What is after DEATH ?


The Man of Esoteric Knowledge
Aug 19, 2016
I have read an esoteric book, i forgot the name of the author, it says that anyone's consequences in death may vary, in what way? varies in what way you died(Accident, Suicide or a Normal Death). In Normal Death, you will separate from your physical body, with will leave your astral body. That is not the end of course, after that process your astral body has to go from what catholic called "Purgatory", which is also referred to as the world of selfishness, unsatisfied passions and desires. Your inner must must separate from your astral body. This is much more struggle than you expect. After this, your unsatisfied desires and sinful astral soul will left (they are the ones you see in grave or the ones that represents your relative, this might fool others sometimes, thinking that this is their relative, NO!), after the separation of inner must, you will enter to what they call a "Devachant", this is divided into two, the formless world and the world of form, this may vary also, and you may stay there for a thousands of years until you completely forget your past life, this takes longest time as indicated. Once you already forgotten your past life, (Literally Complete!). The Biological Nature will once again start a new life for you and you will go back from higher planes of existence (astral planes/devachant) to lower planes (Earth), and you will start a new life in completely different way. And once again the "Cycle of Life and Death" remains.

Therefore, reincarnation is really true.

If you want a pdf about the book i will send it to you personally, for those who are interested only. Thanks, may God be with you!

Blue Wolf

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Apr 30, 2017
Some more death.
Over and over again.

Maybe hell's real and the reason it's hell is because we're being tortured and we don't know we're inside of it. :confused: