What is the favorite food of a horse?

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You have gone too far now Windy, my old nag saw that picture and tried to commit horsey suicide by eating lots of sugar cubes...Fortunately I knew what to do and I managed to get the sugar removed from his stomach, WITHOUT having to use mouth to mouth resuscitation on him, he really hates anything like that...

I had to stick my arm up his ass which made him think it was the vet who was doing that, he hates vets...I demand an immediate apology from you Windy to assist in my poor old nags recovery, not only because of his horsey suicide attempt, but for scaring the shit out of him thinking the vet was in his stable :eek::D..

My apologies to you and your olde Nag....and of course the haberdasher whom made your long sleeved shirt and of course, the dry cleaner whom had to remove the horsey arse stains...(cough)

I shall send you veterinarian gloves and a fair warning Red Shirt.


That way Ye Olde Nag will be given fair warning. ;)