What To Expect Soon


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Well, some call this the megaquake era. It does seem like a cluster of big earthquakes is hitting now. People need to prepare. This video gives you an idea of what we expect to take place in the days to come. Notice that not all the food is gone. There is still stuff like pasta sauce. Stuff that is gone - bread, rice, milk, and eggs. :(

This looks like a high school vending machine after the lunch hours! lol. dont get me started!!!

what I expect is the budwiser truck befor 9am cause the price is rite comes on at 10 and I always eat my captin crunch in bud when drew comes on

Well, there are those of you that do remote viewing. For you what is coming... It is no mystery or enigma. What I expect is from the ashes of WWIII a new world to emerge. Mostly, it is one that does not spend its money on war. Instead, it is one where people live in peace. However, it will be a difficult next few years. Things are not going to be easy on us. People need to prepare for what is coming.
ok i don't claim to be able to remote view anything but i must agree with you on this one the next few yrs will be very ruff indeed and a servivor plan is most prudent. but be very closed lip about what your doing or things will be even worse when you face the mobs of hungry people that showed up to take what you stored away also its a crime to hord food and supplys so if the big brother finds out what your up to it could get fun befor the party even gets going just a word of warning. do what you feel is needed to stay alive but be carefull.
by the way good call Hdrkid
i don't like to think about it but its comin quick,fast,in a hurry like:(
TAKEN FROM http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/07/08/us-usa-economy-jobs-snap-idUSTRE76735620110708

** Manufacturing added a paltry 6,000 jobs and manufacturing hours worked declined noticeably to 40.3 in June from 40.6 in May.

** Construction employment fell for a second month, reflecting a housing sector that many economists have described as already being in a double-dip.

** The notion that the economy is suffering a temporary slowdown due to effects from Japan's earthquake and tsunami is becoming harder to sustain given the broad weakness seen in the report.

** Government employment has been steadily declining, falling for twelve of the last 13 months. State and local governments are under extreme budget pressures as their revenues are dented by a weak economy and heavy debt loads.

** Long-term unemployment statistics offer a particularly discouraging picture of the nation's job woes. Over 6 million Americans, or a record 45 percent of the jobless population, have been without a job for six months or longer.

** Temporary hiring fell by a sharp 12,000, suggesting a reluctance by employers to take on new workers even on a short-term basis. Economists often look to this measure as a leading indicator on future permanent hiring.

Well, according to debunkers we are in a recovery. Yeah, so they say. Also, everything is fine and I am a nut case. Does this look like a recovery to anyone. I expect debunkers to wake up soon. Like that will happen when there is no food at your grocery.