When Your Dreams Come True

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interesting...i might go seek help or mention it to a doctor etc considering that the 1st time i had a zombie nightmare/terror was in january and i woke up with a small cut on my wrist i didnt remember doing


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I was on a site discussing the Pole Shift and I posted a brief explaination of dreams that I have had relating to the future.
I dream frequently about massive tornadoes, high winds, and churning clouds, which I have not seen anywhere before. I make the comment to others in my dream, "What a disaster!" Another dream I have is I realized a poison gas of some sort was flowing througout the area. Everyone knew that once it reached them they were dead. I was in a bar (I don't go to bars) and ordered a cold glass of beer. When the gas came into the bar, I realized that this was it and threw the beer against the wall and laid down like everyone else in the room and went to sleep. I wasn't afraid but knew that it was over and it didn't bother me as it was a peaceful transition. I dream these dreams often and they feel real but I'm not alarmed as I feel at peace. Bottom line is with your Safe Zones in mind and a STO (Service to others) frame of mind why worry...Just be prepared.
After I posted this one minute later someone overseas posted an article regarding extreme weather conditions coming to the USA and the article used the word "churning" a few times. Call it nothing but I noticed it as being strange coming one minute after my post and using the word "churning", which I don't see too often in sentences. I saw it as a sign...Now I better get back to work and try to make some money!

steven chiverton

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speaking of dreams heres what i logged in my database

Date is now the 21-10-2021 last night the 20-10-2021 i tested my 3,6,9 tesla number based frequency generator out and i put the piezo on my forehead , on the third eye area and ran through the frequencies and after that i placed the piezo on the back of my left hand , latter on that night i had a strange short dream , in that short dream i was coming out of a dream to find myself still in a dream thats a first for me .