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    Feeling afraid

    ElementalDissonance how do I know it's black Magic just by seeing all the evil stuff in the room plus dead animals. What do you think? Its a joke I don't think so, where I'm from alot of people do it and then when I came to the United States and visted family from Georgia and Florida I seen in...
  2. greeneyes6

    Feeling afraid

    Sam Slagg I don't think so!
  3. greeneyes6

    Feeling afraid

    Num7 there's so much other stuff in that room it's gonna take me a while to write everything to you....
  4. greeneyes6

    Feeling afraid

    Num7 I saw all kinds of candles, pictures of people I don't know who it is. A large book of written spells they tried and planning for there next target its all evil stuff. They have all kind of weird looking pictures and statues of weird creatures dead animal parts and dolls but what scare me...
  5. greeneyes6

    Is it faith!

    Eristhecat that's crazy
  6. greeneyes6

    Lucky ones!

    Num7 it did happen to me when I was 17years old. I was walking to my best friend house and some guy grab me from behind and throw me in his trunk and luckily I had a knife on me and pepper spray on me, he took me to a beach 1 hour away from my house and soon he open the trunk I spray him with...
  7. greeneyes6

    Do anybody have a tattoo on there body right now wishing they never have gotten it?

    Me getting my boyfriend name on my chest:/
  8. greeneyes6

    Haunted Vacation Spots

    Well this really happened to me and I wish it never did!
  9. greeneyes6

    Haunted Vacation Spots

    Really! I didn't know that....
  10. greeneyes6

    Near death experience!

    Have anyone on here ever been in an accident or been hurt so bad that you die but came back ?
  11. greeneyes6

    If you can build anything what would it be?

    I would definitely build a smart TV. You wouldn't need a control to turn it off or on. You wouldn't need a DVD player Or a Cable box. Also it's wireless All you need to do is talk to it and tell it what ever you wanna watch.
  12. greeneyes6

    Three Wishes

    My first wish will be to become immortal. My second wish is to have a time machine. My third wish is to live in the biggest castle in the world:)
  13. greeneyes6

    Lucky ones!

    Have anyone ever been kidnapped before and live to tell about it?
  14. greeneyes6

    Is it faith!

    In my life I've been in 3 really bad car accident but I wasn't driving! And in each accident one person died and the rest of us was in bad shape but we survived some how as the years go by I can't stop thinking is it faith that each car accident I survive...... What do you guys think about this?
  15. greeneyes6


    Anybody ever had a dream about something and then if came true in real life.....