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  • My wife and I just received our HDR from Mr Gibbs about 3 weeks ago. We have tried to use it and are learning it. We are having an issue finding vortex's. How do you find a vortex. we were using dowsing rods but those do not seem to work. What should we be looking for, any certain places to go to or avoid?
    There is a round bare area. It might be a magnetic vortex or a dimensional door way. Forest full of twisted trees is spooky and scary.
    Hi HDRKID, Here is the link I told you that I send what is on youtube (this is the name of the videoclip) : Csoda Tiszavasváriban? Utánajártunk. I would like to ask your opinion about this forest? Do you think it is a vortex? The woman says no grass, round circle with no grass, bending trees which tops are ashed, abd lower temperature in the center of the circle. Thank you! I will call you!
    Hi kid I had a couple Q's about the HDR unit. Do you HAVE to have a stick reaction for it to work at all or can you just rely on the coils on your head? I ask this because someone I know has one and cannot get a reaction at all on the rubbing plate. Could it work without that? and ....how long can you use the electromagnet on yourself before it overheats?
    He only trying to astral time travel also thx.
    Hey there. Looks as though your recent session with the HDR was a success. I think you're spot-on with your predictions - the next 12-18 months are going to be life-changing for every country worldwide.
    Do you ever try and jump back in time, or is the future more your thing? Have you ever found yourself able to alter anything?
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