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  • Can you sell me your HDR machine including all required accessories such as the crystal and vortex detecting device? If possible, could you also take a video to show all the connections of the HDR machine and procedures of the operation of the HDR and detection of vortex?
    But my esophagus is badly damage, I am very painful and could not work. I have already seen many doctors but no one can help.
    Please help me to change my past.
    I too suffer from acid reflux. I wish I could do more to help you, but I suggest get help from a doctor, if not, someone who you are close to.
    Can you help me to send a message to 2014 (or early) of me.

    My email: 409244398@qq.com
    Subject: Blueyu, beware of your health,

    I am a time traveler and 2016 of you ask me to send this message to you.
    You will suffer stomach acid reflux in 2015, it is very painful and difficult to cure. Stop eating sugar and do not eat too full every meal now.
    Lots of people live with stomach acid reflux. Why does this make you suicidal - are there not meds you can use to reduce the effect?

    I read in an old post from 2013, that you knew about a woman who used HDR to save her kid, but she could not remember anything, her son was in college.
    Do you remember more details of this story, when it happened, because i remember a lady desperately trying to save her son, and trying to go back in time.
    Which year was it, and how did the son die?

    hey hdr kid have you got a copy of the gibbs report ten the tenth key to the riddel of time as i brought that along with report 6 from gibbs but never received them in the mail email me a copy to stevenchiverton@hotmail.com
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