Schematics Time Travel Schematics Initiative (Our complete list of devices and schematics)

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A decade ago, our Time Travel Forum used to contain tons of schematics and valuable information of different more or less simple time travel devices, with precise instructions. This data was lost over time, sadly.

The Time Travel Schematics Initiative will attempt to claim back our status as the ultimate online reference for time travel devices schematics and information.

We're going to bring together all the schematics, but also all the up to date and correct information regarding how to build and operate these numerous time travel devices. Some devices are well known like the Flux Cap and HDR, but others are pretty unknown like Poo's Device, a device that was brought back to the light of day by @Einstein today. We're going to work our way up there quite simply: One device at a time.

I'm very excited about this and I look forward at sharing and organizing information with you guys.

Show your interest in this initiative by replying to this topic and letting us know you're excited too! We're going to reach you whenever we need your help. All suggestions are welcome, obviously.

I'm tagging a few people here to get their attention for now. @Einstein @TimeFlipper @cmac @Classicalfan626 @HDRKID @Frog186 @Opmmur @Yoshian12 @deadz74



Here is a list of the best time travel schematics available on Paranormalis.

Bajak Flux Capacitor
Original FluxCap document: John Bajak Flux Capacitor Time Travel Circuit
Schematics - John Bajak Flux Capacitor
Schematics - Modified Versions of The Flux Capacitor
Schematics - T.E.C. Flux Capacitor
Discussion about the FluxCap: Discussion About The John Bajak Flux Capacitor

Hyper Dimensional Resonator / HDR
Schematics - Hyper-Dimensional Resonator
Steven L. Gibbs HDR Instruction Manual
Step-by-step guide to use the HDR
Schematics - Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) T.E.C. Archive Files
Schematics - Yoshian1Z's Hyper Dimensional Resonator
Schematics - 'Secret' HDR Schematics
Schematics - How to construct a Hyper-Dimensional Grid Point
Schematics - HDR with Electric Motor and Orgone Accumulator

Other devices
Schematics - Atlantean Generator
Schematics - Capacitor Array Gravity Warp Drive
Schematics - Cosmic Diode
Schematics - Chronological Reflector
Schematics - Chronotron
Schematics - Delta Time Generator
Schematics - Delta-T Antenna (T.E.C.)
Schematics - Demat Cannon
Schematics - Ectoplasmic Oscillator
Schematics - Fluxatron
Schematics - Fluid Cartridge
Schematics - Fluid Chamber
Schematics - How to generate a Rotating Field
Schematics - Hyper Space-Time Portal
Schematics - Multi-Verse Resonator Construction Details
Schematics - Multiverse Resonator (T.E.C.)
Schematics - Poo's Device
Schematics - Quantum Resonator by Steven Gibbs
Schematics - Sonic Resonator
Schematics - Sonic Time Blaster (STB-60)
Schematics - Space Time Modulator (STM) by Steven Gibbs
Schematics - T.E.C. Time Travel Unit
Schematics - Tesla Coil Time Travel Machine
Schematics - T.S.B.C. Time Travel Unit
Schematics - T.T.O. Time Travel Unit
Schematics - Time Antenna (TA-36) by Steven Gibbs
Schematics - Portal Control Modulator MK1
Schematics - Time-Space Displacement System Design
Schematics - Time Field Resonator
Schematics - Time Portal (Steven Gibbs)
Schematics - Time Transposer
Schematics - Time Travel Radionics Machines
Schematics - Time Travel Unit 12/14/85
Schematics - Triode Projection Rod
Schematics - X D-7000

Mathematics and equations
Mathematics - Time Travel Data
Mathematics - Universal Time Equation

List of ALL threads identified as Schematics:
All Schematics Threads

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A decade ago, our Time Travel Forum used to contain tons of schematics and valuable information of different more or less simple time travel devices, with precise instructions. This data was lost over time, sadly.


Google might have Archive versions of that


Google might have Archive versions of that
Google or the WayBack Machine.

That being said, WayBack Machine rarely saves pages that are deeper than the homepage, or very popular secondary pages, sadly. I used to spend some time on there, now and then looking for threads that might have been saved. I was able to find a few discussions that are no more, but sadly nothing of much interest. It's a hit and miss thing.

Do you have any special technique to look into Google's old cached pages ?


Yes , as well as the deep web - not to be confused with darkweb . As you know the deepweb is where database's are stored . I've admin-ed forums a few years ago (don't have time now in my life to that still full-time) ; picked up some "skills" there . :)