Because It Happened

Kill me

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Aug 12, 2019
In there instances that I was relating, there was nothing physiological to clue that anything had happened. For some of the instances, it was only the realization that the distance covered by car could not actually be done in the clock time noted. For my friend walking the dog, it was the sudden realization that things had changed, again combined with distance covered being impossible by the clocked time.
Yeah, I thought maybe ur friend might have. Even a slight dizziness or something. Mine was undeniable and had to be a part of it? Why don't we know anything? Why is this part of our existence such a secret. I wonder if in 100 years, will we have the answers we seek.


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Jan 8, 2019
I'm of the opinion that our brains actively filter out many discrepancies in the world that we would otherwise experience and recognize for the clues to mystery they may be - much in the same way some spelling or grammar errors in our own writing might escape us because our brain is already convinced how it should read so that's what we think we read. I think we often quickly do a double-take in thinking, assume we must have been mistaken regarding what we thought we experienced, and these little apparent glitches in reality quickly fade away like a half remembered dreams.


Jan 25, 2006
I am just guessing here but I suspect you had a good number of hints before it happened and damn near nock you down.
little shit like, you just don't feel right about some place, person.
you know you left the damn keys on the counter but there gone. by some fluke you open the drawer and poof there they are not more than a foot from where you left them in the other verse.
only there in the drawer here in this verse.
you go out to the garage knowing you have to clean up something you left to do.
only to open the door and it's almost done, just a quick minute and done.
not the same verse,
now set down drink a beer or two and think how many times you have jumped.
how many times has it stopped you cold, and you just look around thinking something is off, but it all appears ok?

steven chiverton

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Dec 8, 2015
sounds like he swapped reality where one is different than the other then he returned to his own reality