Can you control the weather with your mind?


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Sep 12, 2017
I believe it's possible.

I think some people might be able to do it by accident. For instance, on rare occasions, summoning bad weather because they're angry. Or it's all a coincidence...
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The weather could quite possibly be altered by the energy of a human, or group of humans, with intent of will.
Dec 25, 2017
If you read up about Wilhelm Reich on the internet, you will discover back in the 1930s he actually did produce weather modification by utilising some very strange metals in the detector circuit of his small electronic device.....This device was based around his knowledge of the Orgone energy and how "good" orgone (OR) can create fine weather and "dead orgone" (DOR) will create violent thunderstorms..

His device was fitted into 1000s of "Radiosondes" and put onto weather balloons and the government said they were only there for checking the weather, and they offered $5 reward to anyone who could return them after they had come down to earth...Reich somehow had found a way to switch the Radiosondes from good to bad Orgone within the atmosphere, thus creating violent thunderstorms and then switch them back to fine weather....

Obviously the governments would never say they were responsible for all the bad weather as they would be liable for compensation to the people whose homes were damaged because of Reichs device...Its my humble opinion that over the last decade or so, some Government has used this device to create Tsunamis and other devastating storms that have killed many people around the world and are still continuing to do so...Happy researching Genius :D

I have a question. How does one research this and how did you find this
Apr 29, 2018
Jumped into this for a brief time. It's the real deal for sure.
But it can be very time consuming to learn and energy depleting.