Is hell real?


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you have some inner issues going. i suggest seeking professional help.
Yea I have cancer that I'm dealing with plus two eternal type dreams this week plus when I put up that post I was under the influence of a cannabis joint which combats the pain from my medical condition ,how's that for issues unless you can do any better


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I personally believe so. I don't however believe we humans end up in hell. I believe that is reserved for true evil born from hell itself that returns.

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Hell does not exist. Negative energies themselves remain as earth bound or planet bound spirit. Because they still want power, still want to remain to suck up negative energy from other living bodies. It's a lower realm of which other spirit also remain because of not crossing over for other personal reasons and using their free will not to cross. Some don't leave in fear of being judged as they were convinced of while they were in their body.