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Oct 11, 2013
Would you crack a hypnotised persons jaw if you had to?
No. I wouldn't because that would be cruel. And that's not exactly the kind of crack I'm talking about. I mean, a crack opening up, like across the entire face - just an open wound across the face, then afterwards it just disappears in an instance.

Weird stuff happens in a possession. The shamanic art is possession and weird, supernatural stuff happens.

If you want to confirm the existence of the supernatural, just travel the third world for a few years. I know as someone who did, that those who do know, but don't tend to talk about it because it's not believed. Not that you can't find it in the 1st world countries, but it's somewhat more hidden except for the discerning.

Went to the Edgar Cayce Center a few years back, a very terrible experience, that is a very evil place - haunted. The spiritual darkness was so intense that it made me physically sick. Same feeling you get around witchdoctors. And the staff was supernaturally alerted to our presence and were very suspicious of us. Watched them follow behind us and open up the same books we had just opened minutes prior, systematically through the library and watched us everywhere we went (in person, not on camera.)


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Jan 3, 2015
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That Outer Mongolian Half Persian Cat!!

(run for your lives!!!)

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