The World of the Jinn


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Ive seen lots of those guys on TV claiming to be "Ghost Hunters", they ALL use the same narrative, "did you see that, did you hear that? :eek: :ROFLMAO:..
Total BS, as there was nothing to see or hear, unless it was one of their own guys in the background performing all of that crap :ROFLMAO:..


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so you work with djnnes is that ET the grey alien?
no. think interdimensional beings. or higher dimensional beings. i mean, the way stories of them and how they are able to do what they do is very similar to how scientists are theorising how higher dimensions and higher dimension beings are able to interact with us.

just watch that neil degrasse tyson video on higher dimensions - and several other videos on the theorised 10 dimensions. how he describes it parallels what's been written in scriptures:
  1. they can enter our realm, but we can't enter theirs.
  2. they can see us, but we can't see them unless they choose to show themselves.
  3. time doesn't work the same for them as it works for us.
  4. higher dimensional beings aren't restricted by solid barriers like walls in our realms (which could explain malicious black magick practiced in southeast Asia where a person may find weird items that are implanted in their bodies without actual incisions).
  5. some can appear at different places at the same time or teleport to places in a flash.
  6. lots of ghosts/shadow people/demons/djinns sightings seem to describe them as shadowy mass. pretty similar to how explanations of higher dimension beings entering our dimension will appear as cross-sections of their actual shape rather than their form is just black mass. again, pretty good explanations in the videos I linked above.

which is why all those stories of ghosts/spirits/fairies/elves/ and other spiritual beings that have been told about for centuries arent as scary or superstitious. remove the mysticism, if we reframe them as just what things higher dimensional beings are capable of doing over in our dimensions, it's pretty cool.

a lot of conjurers and spirit workers are aware of this and the line between magick and science is pretty blurry, tbh.

maybe those grey aliens are just separate species of sapient beings evolved from another planet but are anchored in our dimensions. who knows. I'm not familiar with those. also a lot of my personal practice is rooted in what's written in the quran about this and how beings can cross over dimensions and humans (I suppose possibly aliens too) can cross our earth's boundaries to travel to planets and one day even travel through the vastness of space/galaxies/universes, etc:

[51.56] And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should serve Me.
[55.15] And He created the jinn of a flame of fire.
[55.33] O assembly of the jinn and the men! If you are able to pass through the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass through; you cannot pass through but with authority.
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too many of these videos are based on old written records and stories that are very much coloured by "mysticism" and don't look at the djinns with a modern perspective of what knowledge we've amassed with advances in science.

for instance, djinns in some Muslim circles are seen as some dumb ugly looking creatures (like those in old paintings used in the video linked above) whose simple intellect only makes them do demonic things, etc.

that's weird cause even for Muslims to believe this is nonsensical as the quran specifically stated that "djinns" are a collective term for beings of different evolution than us and they are as intelligent as us. They have communities, language, societal structures and knowledge. they're basically sapient beings - nowhere close to the grotesque simpleton demonic creatures that they have been portrayed to be for centuries.

i know it's a stretch to prove something that chooses not to make their presence concretely known, but I wish more people would objective look at these accounts of djinns and spiritual beings with a modern lens to see - maybe they aren't as "woo woo" as we thought they are. hell, if people believe in aliens and how other sapient, intelligent species can evolve in other planets, why not in higher dimensions/multiverse? yes it's all theories now but it's not so far fetched.


I only offered the video to give a little background information on the subject for those who are unfamiliar with it. Nothing more.

You are correct that sources such as the one I provided are based upon ancient texts, but this is only because they are ancient ideas. Where else can they be found? It is actually a mistake to try and re-interpret ancient texts in light of modern discovery. Such texts should be understood in the context of the time and place in which they were written.


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I will be succinct. Whatever they are, Djinn or something similar, they exist. You cannot summon them. But if they want to visit you then they will. Their visits to humans are rare and usually coincide with rare astrological configurations.

My philosophy of the occult is that you can't force things. It's like only Arthur could draw a sword [Excalibur in some versions] from the stone; it was made for him. If you are meant to be visited by Djinn then you will be visited. If not, then you never will be and no amount of summoning, joining a cult or reading a book of shadows, is ever going to change that.