USA Presidential election results 2020


Probably time to close this thread, UNLESS...............................................
Leave it open until the 20th, see if anything ever becomes of Trump Executive order 13848 on Foreign interference in US elections.
Now that the DNI Ratcliffe report has been delivered yesterday he can technically activate the order.

Additionally information is starting to come out about Italian/Vatican interference with the dominion voting machines (Simon Parkes, Various Italian newspapers, signed affadavits from Italy).Whether this can be shown and proven to the public at large and the whole thing overturned in the next two weeks seems unlikely but it's enough to ponder on until the 20th.

start at edge

He is obviously played like a string-puppet by others (probably advisors) who wrote the speech for him.
If those who wrote the speech omitted any reference to those people who died, he could have had his own initiative to mention them and send condolences to the families – if he had a heart, that is.


I have been most curious to watch this dog and pony show play out .
well now that the congress has finished the certification and declared the winner in the middle of the night.
the lions share of the crimes are finished so, if the EO in question is going to be used we should start to see Trump making some major moves over the next few days...
but then again, he could be waiting to make his move at the steps of the capital on the 20th with all the cams on, at least then he would have a global stage. so even if the us networks try to cut away the arrests will still be broadcast by outside networks.
that is the way I would play it..
most of the crooks will be there to gloat over pulling off the biggest crime of the last 50 yrs.
but then again thats just some of the crazy shit I think of in the wee hours of the morning while skimmin the headlines
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