Wireless transmission of power

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"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence" Not my responsibility to prove, but when a person has information that needs more investigation the job falls on to others to investigate and NOT prejudge. (Open Mind and not an Empty Head)? "Are we there yet?


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so here's a question:

can tesla's wardenclyffe tower be miniatured?

another little technical detail,...since his system was producing orgone energy same time as electricity that means his circuits would have to altered from normal RLC circuitry. Cuz orgone energy alters resistance, capacitance and inductance values. That's the big secret of radiant electricity.

so any tesla radiant system if you're going to utilize any complex circuitry like an RF amplifier, op-amp, solid state materials like diodes, transistors would not function as normal.

so for a fully functioning tesla coil that used electronics(like meyl's system) and also powered by pancake transformer power supplies you'd need some serious re-engineering.

best design I came up with is using:

1)pancake primary and secondary
2)pancake transformer power supply
3)vacuum tube to replace spark gap
4)vortex earth ground(not necessary)

Earth ground isn't necessary for wireless transmission of power at 100% efficiency but if grounded on an vortex far enough underground you get free power. Comes up as a reflected voltage wave ya put into the ground. The reflection is much higher voltage than what ya put into the ground. It's back EMF but a pumped phase conjugate. Will be exactly in phase with the incident voltage wave. doesn't cause any problems just serious overvoltages. :)

Vacuum tubes can handle high voltage unlike electronics. Meyl's system was 2 volts and he used electronics and didn't use a pancake power supply(obviously cuz it doesn't work with electronics). High voltage is necessary to replicate Tesla's system. As high as you can get it.

side note: ideally want an independent power source for the vacuum tube's grid oscillation. Which is easy. should be able to use electronics with that but I'm not sure completely. Orgone energy is usually looking for it's own ground. An area with less orgone. Usually that's the earth.

so the trick in creating a tunable radiant tesla coil is in creating oscillators that still function as designed with the orgone energy flowing through them.

this is the same problem with the RIFE device, it's using the wrong power supply(needs a pancake transformer) and then of course the frequency generator issue. It won't function the same way. So need to redesign it then it works way more effectively to heal.

side note: the rife plasma tube with enough orgone energy flowing through it will become structured and then it creates a population inversion. The light emanated from one will be coherent. Just like the plasma light that surrounds ufos. Then this is when you get the extreme healing effects.

the ones sold today barely work

guess the only other option would be to use a normal power supply that powers a frequency generator then from there utilize a concentric pancake transformer. I don't know if that's possible with all the variable frequencies the generator would create. Prob not..would limit the usable bandwidth.

so if anyone is up to test how orgone energy changes RLC circuits then we're good. For single frequencies we can just use old school tank circuits...that would work but only for single frequency uses. So for cancer, diabetes, viruses, the big ones.

Of course it's well known that the gas itself emanates it's own frequency and can cause side effects...so a certain blend of healthy gases would be best just as RIFE suggested.

So...skip the frequency generator, utilize:

1)concentric pancake transformer power supply
2)tuned tank circuit
3)plasma tube

radiant electricity frequency generators would be worth a lot of money.
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basically the orgone waves created in the system act similiar to infrared. It penetrates the entire body.
funny how all this tech is almost identical