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  • Apologises just standard questions we ask people at my workplace sorry babe take care
    Can you help me to send a message on May,19th,2016 of me.My email:nayxuat@gmail.com and my facebook account: Nay Xuất
    subject:Don't use the device from Mr Hiep
    "I am a time traveler. Don't you a device from mr Hiệp to pass the exams from subject clinical noi Y6 , the 2nd exams, you will fail and you will crazy after the exams"
    now I cant learn anything,my mind is damage like Alzheimer I beg you please help me
    Can you sell me your HDR machine including all required accessories such as the crystal and vortex detecting device? If possible, could you also take a video to show all the connections of the HDR machine and procedures of the operation of the HDR and detection of vortex?
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