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    Paranormal Report: Black Eyed Children Stories

    Those reborn baby dolls creep me out, they are so realistic! And then turn one of them into a BEK makes them even creepier!
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    Media Alien Hybrids: The Stan Romanek Story

    I never got a chance to watch Stan's whole video, I'll have to do it another day. I keep being a loser and going in on my days off from work to make extra money.
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    Media The 'Robo-Hobbit' house that can be raised up and rotated

    My husband would be so annoying if we had this. He re arranges rooms when he's board, I can't imagine what he would do if we had a house you could rotate!
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    Media Alien Hybrids: The Stan Romanek Story

    Well, I have tomorrow off from work so maybe I can dedicate some time to that :)
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    Fan Fiction The Future

    It's Xbox One.
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    Mayan Pyramid destroyed

    That's horrible :(
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    Media Alien Hybrids: The Stan Romanek Story

    I was wondering why a lot of his photos aren't online, I guess he saves them for his lectures. I wish they were, there's no way I'd be able to go to one since I live so far away and I'd like to see them. I think I need to do more reading on him.
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    Anyone having a bump in paranormal activity?

    I know you posted this a bit ago, but I am. Every once in awhile I get drawn back. I try to shut it out to live a happy and event free life but then something pulls me back. Then I start experiencing things again, and I'm back on here and searching for others going through the same. And here I...
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    Media Alien Hybrids: The Stan Romanek Story

    I don't know about Stan. He has all these spectacular stories/sightings, etc. But something about him just doesn't sit right with me. I tried searching for pictures of his hybrid daughters and all that comes up is that same photo. I've seen site's talking about his daughter's and how he shows...
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    Debate Is anyone being abducted anymore?

    Yeah, the other shadow people I've seen were tall and somewhat whispy, moving around quickly. They were always going up and down the hall at night and sometimes looking in my bedroom door. My daughter is almost one and a half. She was pointing and talking at something yesterday but there was...
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    bear ate my camera (humor)

    This video was pretty cool! We have bears in our neighbourhood since we live on the edge of town and I'm always scared about running into one. Mostly black bears but some grizzlies.
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    The Walking Dead

    I am SO pumped for the next season! Oh man, since having a child of my own and seeing a baby on the show, it wrenches my heart in a special way. I just start thinking 'What if that was my daughter?' How scary would it be trying to survive while you are the only chance for an infant to surive...
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    New Urban legends

    I was thinking about how in Twilight all the natives are werewolves. (Don't judge, I have recently gotten Movie Central and there are a lot of free movies on) A lot of natives talk about Bigfoot and experiences with them.
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    New Urban legends

    Haha, my husband is like, 'you mean, like a tree?' haha, 'that's how they hide?'
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    Debate Is anyone being abducted anymore?

    I've had one other experience that rings out as being Alien. I've seen a lot of shadow people when I was younger, especially at this one house. Before I lived there, when I was probably 6 or 7, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadow of two figures in my door way. It looked like...