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Sep 16, 2014
I was rather thinking about the Rama civilization you talked about, when I wrote this. I think they are geniuses. You achieve more when you are a group than alone.
I was born in Ramayana Civilization. We make space ships. That moved out of Earth with a lot of people.

The key aspects of Ramayana people is that, they were hot and heavy with spirit/soul arena. We can do that too ecept our Abraham Religions does not promote it now.

So, why I am here? Well, like in every major country or society, we do help newer societies say in Africa . It is a social thing for the Universe. There are a lot from that civilization here.

Because it is a spirit thing, we are not allowed to know who they are. Our team is controlled by angels, so do about seven other teams. They all work to improve Earth.

About five of my past workers dies (they were old) then I found out they belong to my team, or I belong to their team.

I know two living but their corporeal life forms do not agree eve though I told them about the back story. So, I will tel where it is.

Because you are communicating with me...we may have a similar project work in the past. This is going on for the last 13,000 years. Once you understand the Cosmic Governance, everything is easy to follow.

I know more about Ramayana Civilization but can only say 30% dues to restrictions. After all, Heaven is our real home. And I can not monkey with that.

What you read in Ramayana books is OK for Social thoughts but it is a fictional account of people behind the scene.

You could be one from than civilization.

Note that they are still alive and well for the last 100,000 years in Mizar Star System. But in that time, they have improved in Spirituality, meaning they are now Telepathic and connect to Cosmic Computer (Akhasic Record) any time.

As you know more about whatis out there, past and present, your mind will expand to understand what is what...

Ramayana people travel in a cigar shaped space ship, and they come here time to time. After all, their people are here. But direct link is not likely as they are very high up. It is like adults looking at children like us...hence not possible.

But in about 500 years, our gene will be such that we will be at a teen ager level to them. So, i you are a Ramyanaer, we will meet then....

We talk about this later....I got to go take care of some activities. Thank you for staying in touch...
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Sep 16, 2014

Oh! India can have 2000 GW of FREE Electrical Energy. HOW?

I saw Ancient Aliens today show on Tesla. He designs a Free Energy system as a prototype abut ran out of money.

I can do the same...with todaus Compuiters and Ceramics....

But, Power generators would not let us do that.....SAD but TRUE...

Oh! Ray Gun (not quite) can be done... I would not go for it.....getting involved in Military affairs as i am getting old...