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    Washington Prophecies penned by Charles Wesley Alexander

    A long time back I had posted about Washington's vision/prophecies about the United States. Today I went to look for it and found this on Snopes George Washington's Vision The vision never took place it was a work of fiction. "The tale of "Washington's Vision" was penned by Charles Wesley...
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    The Pleiadian Collective on the U.S. Presidential Election and Current Energies

    I hope this is the correct forum to place this. Feel free to move this if it is not. The is a video by Wendy Kennedy who is known for channeling The Pleiadian 9th D Collective.
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    Civil War

    There are a lot of Titor impostors and it is difficult to state if any person is "the real" Titor for what ever that may mean. I respect your prerogative to believe he is not on Facebook.
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    Civil War

    This is the post that prompted me to think about and later post this thread John Titor - The election will also come to a shock much... | Facebook
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    Civil War

    I can certainly relate to the facebook experience. Rereading John I found this bit meaningful in present context "Why do you keep telling us about the war? How do you know that will even happen in our worldline? Something may have already changed and it won't happen at all. Yes, you are...
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    Civil War

    Right and I am in no way saying we might not need to use them against the federal government or any other agent of force or need for self protection (against violent rioters). You may be interested to learn about, perhaps you are already aware of, Committee of Safety Committees of Safety of...
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    I'm Traveler

    Hello, Hope you get picked up. New Founding Fathers of America
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    Civil War

    We are experiencing John Titor's civil war right now. If you communicate and look into the Trump supporter side you will see they are the same politics that Titor valued. Needless to say those who support Hillary would be those he fought against. Can our timeline make it through without the...
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    The Coming Year: 2014 and beyond

    3:45 A.M. Eastern Time on March 12th, 2015 will come and go uneventfully as Y2K. 3:45 AM Eastern Time on March 12, 2015 3:45 AM Eastern Time on March 12, 2015
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    Percent divergence

    A big problem I use to have with the percent divergence, given by Titor and other 2035ers, was a percent is based on a mathematical division. It is useless to talk about a 1% or 5% divergence if there are not actual numbers you are dividing. Sure you can say an ant turns one way or another but...
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    John Titor may be back

    Aside from the timeline/world line difference that Einstein points out and is correct on, the 2035 folk used world line and I replied back with timeline, world line is used in science literature of the subject; the tone of this Titor is distinctly different. This Titor feels he has to save and...
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    John Titor may be back

    Based on what the MySpace "John Titor" shared with my online friend at the time SnowFireWatches, your last sentence is true. Oddly your preceding sentence is causing me to wonder what other intentions there may have been in the idea of 'the secret song'. Perhaps it isn't even worth the extra...
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    John Titor may be back

    He told Snow Fire Watches what the song was when we encountered him online in 2004. And then she shared the email with me. I will preface this that John Titor was posting on MySpace at that time. Perhaps I should say that the "John Titor" we encountered was posting on MySpace, and I considered...
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    My introduction

    Your first "recent post".
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    Can thought exist without language?

    Here is another video which I feel expresses more of the ideas emerging from the discussion in this thread.