Coronavirus enforcement bullies


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^depend on said case
let me tell you what i do believe in ok?

i believe you come off as extremely arrogant on this platform (i know you are not in real life)

you cancel out anyone who come here with good experiences.. HDR or not.. with anything related to their saying regarding time travel.. (you pretty much laugh at them never take them seriously.. in some cases they are not joking... so they stop coming or if they do they dont express themselves)

you only give respect to harte right? you do it because he doesnt fall for your balonie.. he shows you some hardcore treatment in past time and since then you are respecting him greatly (highly noticeable from the time i spent on here).. why not giving the respect to others even if they are not human science oriented like harte is.. human slaves DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING.. in fact you guys know very little.. and pretty much equivalent to blind animals.. same thing.. very narrow ability to see whats around you unless chosen otherwise and not by your species (animals was wrong example since blind animals are much better navigators due to their MUCH stronger extra senses in comparison to the human species but what i meant is vision wise this is why i used the word see)

now the reason i say mental illness is because it is what happened to your species.. you see how SEVERE the fall is.. this is not something that will fix itself.. oh no..

to this date some were abused to such a degree that they do not understand that walking straight line ANYWHERE ON THE EARTH will take you south.. this is how bad it is.. you are all indoctrinated and conformed.. and it is very bad

you will have to destroy the deep state.. when i say you i mean the young ones.. the old ones are a lost case

You have the right to your own opinions, however you confuse arrogance with my basic knowledge of the HDR which imho cannot transport anything through time and space, and i have every right to ask for proof which has not yet happened...You have the audacity to quote respect when you try to make out that you are part of a superior species, when you say quote"

(Human slaves DO NOT KNOW fact you guys know very little...and pretty much equivalent to blind animals..same thing..very narrow ability to see whats around you unless chosen otherwise and NOT BY YOUR the reason i say mental illness is because it is what happened to your species "humans") :ROFLMAO:...

Its very clear it is YOU who is sadly suffering from some form of mental illness that makes you WANT to believe you are from a "superior species" which probably started when you were a child :confused:..


^i owe you nothing right? if i wanted to prove you anything you would have been proven.. i told you in pm i give you name and you research very easy..
on every single day i am online i make 1000s upon 1000s of dollars.. no mental can do such thing lol i have made from your internet hands on.. ME not the deep state.. the deep state did nothing for me unlike what they did for elon and greta and zuckerface.. i made from the internet over 8 million dollar.. from internet only! from writing! THINK ABOUT IT A LITTLE

lastly anyone who still think they are on a ball.. and don't understand the truth of where you are is the mental and there are MANY like that among you... even von braun eventually understood he was not in kensas any longer..

your scientiZm will get you NO WHERE.. you were punished and you will stay under it for the rest of your current life.. i say it to you due to your age.. you will NEVER see something different than what you are seeing right now.. mark and date

start at edge

Do you think people who believe they belong to other species have forms of mental illness such as dissociative disorders, for example someone being "detached" from oneself?..
I saw something commenting here ;)… uninvited, but that’s fine …

Ill or not … they’re coming to get all the devils and their agents !!! … now, isn’t that the best part of the show ?? … I think (because I can) it is.

There is a saying that goes:
When someone tells you you’re drunk, you probably curse at him. When one more is telling you the same, you probably get aggressive. But when the third tells you again, you better go take a nap and get sober, all three are probably right.
… A nice nap can indeed help a drunk man to come to his senses, but I don’t know if anything works for a real mentally deranged.

Some time ago, I had the incredible patience to listen to an about 20 minutes speech. During this speech I heard thousands of words that were spoken … yet the speaker said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, there was ABSOLUTELY NO content, NO message in that (so called) speech, even though every single word was intelligible … and I immediately remembered encountering the same aspect somewhere else – here on the site.

I just had an idea, also suggestion to the mentally deranged – why not go right in the middle of such a crowd and tell all those people they’re mentally ill while looking directly into their eyes ?? … it could prepare a speech and have it written on paper … or it could speak freely, maybe starting with something like this “I noticed that your species …” (just to get over it quickly and save a lot of time before its lynching).

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I think we're getting closer and closer to what I estimated not long ago - the devils might start turning against each other ... which is a good thing, as it spares a lot of efforts from our side.

The 3 scandals at the EU most top, which are related to the pandemic


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Not long ago I expressed my opinion that those who want to wear a mask should do so and those who don’t want should not wear one.
March 26 and March 27 – 2021 … count those who want (outcome of my counting was zero, but maybe I missed something).

… thanks, Brendan !!

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