USA Presidential election results 2020


Mar 18, 2015
3,917 we all know, the news media never makes mistakes about such matters.
I certainly hope you're joking or being sarcastic.

P.S.: And yes, I do understand the fake news in the caption of "Dewey Defeats Truman", because Truman actually won that election. But I didn't quite get the point on whether you were kidding or not.
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Aug 1, 2016
I agree about those "mail in ballot votes", called postal votes in the UK...They are wide open for fraud!!
How is fraud possible? When I vote there is always someone that verifies my name. And they dont know if I voted by mail-ballot or not. And this person makes a cross or something behind the name. So you cannot vote twice. If you want to deceive per mail-in-ballot, you dont know who voted and who didnt. So it is not that easy to manipulate. If somebody votes for me by mail-ballot but I voted, too. The theft would be obvious and would be reported .

The verifying of the name is a little bit annoying, because sometime they require a long time till they found your name although usually they know you (so you cannot deceive that easily in personal votes) because the vote districts are pretty small. I think our districts are around 1000 people. I dont know this is also true for the rest of the country, but I think they are similar everywhere.

So there are people that count the votes for one part of a village/town/city but not the whole village/town/city.

And they have to come to the same results. There are around 30 or more parties that is a little difficult (only 6 parties have a real chance to come into the parliament because of a 5 % obstacle). So all votes no matter what party have to be the same by all people that count. Afterwards the results are published for your district in your local newspaper and online, but the results are counted non-digitally.

so if you vote a party that you know nearly nobody votes like the violet party (spiritual party) they have to have at least one vote. Voter fraud is nearly impossible, because the people that count dont know, who you voted only that you voted twice in a voter fraud. So every party member that counts the votes should be alarmed no matter their orientation.

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Sep 12, 2017

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