time travel

  1. Mako

    If I were to somehow actually time travel but only to the past, how could I prove it?

    I know it's something simple like "just tell us what happens in your future", but that obviously has some problems like people not believing you, the butterfly effect, or some unforeseen paradox or force that stops you. Is there any other alternative way to prove yourself if any of those three...
  2. Indout

    History caught a kid time traveler ? 1924

    Why were they curious about flight around the world ?
  3. D

    If you Wanna Go back IN TIME TRY THIS!

    Here is a schematic special JUST FOR YOU PEOPLE. NOTE: it will not work on a slow flushing typical toilet, only the newer industrial type of rapid spinning high powered conductive metal bowl ones. It will send a copy of your mind back to merge with your younger self, and the your timelineof the...
  4. Mako

    Is it possible that time travel itself has a limit?

    I’m not talking about the theory where “you can’t time travel past beyond the machine’s creation”. Im thinking more like the beginning and the end of time (which if you ask me there is no end of time, only segments of it, more on that later). Would time travel allow time itself to go past...
  5. Eckimus Prime 2007

    My Personal Little Story I Wish To Share'` Back when I was a Child '20 yrs ago'

    It goes simply back to my youth years from when I was seven to age seventeen. Yeah, about the length of ten yrs possibly if approximated. I experienced awesome moments, mostly happening after midnight when I had trouble sleeping. I did also noticed stuff occur during the day for short...
  6. Mako

    I’m here to discuss mostly about time travel

    As a kid I’ve always loved time travel, I’ve dreamt of it and imagined it. Always wanting it to be real, hoping some traveler themselves would randomly come up to me someday and recruit me. Ive always wanted time travel for my own selfish needs wether it be to fix mistakes I’ve made in...
  7. L

    Radio Show looking for Time Travelers

    I am the host of Late Night in the Midlands radio and I am looking for folks who claim to be time travelers. You can reach me through my website if your interested and tonight I am hosting an open lines show so any time travelers wish to call in tonight I would love to hear from you and again...
  8. dimension-1hacker

    Debate flux capacitor, double slit experiment, time travel

    do you think the microwave photon inside a flux capacitor when subjected to the double slit experiment moves backward in time. Does the outside force cause the second copy of the photon to exist when being observed? If the outside force doesn't effect the photon or electron in the case of the...
  9. dimension-1hacker

    how can time be rewinded if what rewinds time does not know how not to rewind it?

    time traveling requires something outside of the series of events called past, future, and present because without something to cause those events to occur again nothing occurs. Also, for events to rewind, the something rewinding events needs to cross reference what not to do to rewind a certain...
  10. Classicalfan626

    Coming in contact with Dr. Steven Greer

    As a lot of you guys are already aware, I'm seeking contact with ETs for the purpose of doing something related to time travel. And as I recall, Dr. Steven Greer is the right person to talk to regarding ET contact. I remember him suggesting some sort of deep meditation for that, and I've tried...
  11. A


    My Name Is Rita Ann Secrease... I Just Gotten Signed up for This Very First Time Travel Thread... Hello!
  12. Classicalfan626

    Alternative method for contact

    I have been pondering over whether or not it's worth it to set my CB antenna up on the roof, because I'm on the fence on if my CB radio will work properly given I live in a very mountainous area. It may not be worth it no matter how high I get my antenna to be, and it may not be worth the money...
  13. ASN

    The Future Past Question.

    ( I made this question myself ) Imagine Past as 0 and future as 1. So , where is the present? I will post the answer if everyone gets it wrong. This Q came in my dreams and took me 2 days to find the answer. So ,good luck finding out! (It's quite simple , actually)
  14. T

    Help needed.

    The main issue with travelling in time is the need for instantaneous travel in space too. I have solved this issue. I now need a companion in my first major trip. Nothing too complex, just someone to press the button to bring me back. My first experiment was less than a second, but it appeared...
  15. Mr. Door-Chan_16

    Debate What is the very nature of Time?

    Hello there, I would like to hear anyone's thoughts on the concept of time, like for example... can time be the same time with space, or is the space in accordance to time important? In which the spatial area of it would be their in that time? Your thoughts, answers, ideas, theories, and...
  16. K

    can i travel back in time and change my decision?

    i want to change a decision i took 10 years ago.
  17. ApexTV

    I'm a Time Traveler But Nobody Believes Me

    What do you think about Mason's story? Is he an actual time traveler from the year 2063 and do you think he should come forward with his alleged time machine?
  18. Jikan Yugami

    Time and Its Mysteries...

    Greetings, John here (or Wub, Wubby, Sacred, you decide I don't really care). I am still trying to figure out what time is, if it is even a physical thing that can be altered. So in this segment I will be posting about my current ideas and beliefs on what it might be. I also want other peoples...
  19. Jikan Yugami

    A Theory On Deja Vu...

    Greetings once again, Before I begin, I would like to Identify myself. You may call me one of these varying names (John, Wub, Sacred, SacredWub) as they are what most other people on the net know me as. I will now continue to discuss my theory on what Deja Vu might be and why we feel it. Deja...
  20. Jikan Yugami

    This Worldlines' John Titor

    Greetings, My name is John Titor, or at least that is my preferred name. I will not disclose my birth name for privacy reasons. I am not a time traveler like my former self, who mysteriously appeared in the year 2000, I am instead a self proclaimed scientist who spends a majority of his spare...